Are your bins
“WHEELIE”… Dirty and Smelly?

Then get them Wheelie Kleened!

If you are conscious of all the problems posed by dirty wheelie bins & are looking for an environmentally friendly solution, then please contact us.

High Pressure

Thoroughly pressure cleaned inside and out.

Clean Water

We use clean water & dispose of dirty water environmentally.

Anti Bacterial

Your bin is disinfected with antibacterial detergent.

Smells Good

Your bin will never have smelled so good, deodeorised & scented.

Full Service

Placed back to their designated area.


Wheelie Clean Machine

Our WHEELIE KLEEN MACHINE is here to do the job that you don’t want to do! As you are probably well aware an unclean bin can be the most unhygienic thing in the home or workplace.Besides the smell and unsightliness of a dirty bin, especially in our warm climate, it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which can cause illness, especially to infants and the elderly. Also the attraction of flies, ants, rodents and spiders all pose their individual problems.There is also the potential to contaminate our precious waterways by letting cleaning chemicals and waste run into our drains, as well as the WASTE of our most precious resource, WATER. Having your bins cleaned on a regular basis can eliminate all of these problems. We are all responsible for the cleanliness of our bins, however in our busy jobs and lifestyles we often would not have the time, the facilities or the stomach, to carry out this dirty chore. There is now a solution to all these problems; “Kev’s Wheelie Kleen”! Our fully self contained “Wheelie Kleen Machine” will turn up on the same day that your bins are emptied and your bins will be cleaned.

We have been using Kev’s bin cleaning service since we received a flyer in our letter box and have used him ever since. We are very impressed! They sparkle and and smell fabulously clean. No more smelly bins or cobwebs anymore for us.


Having recently moved into a new home in Meadow Springs, I was keen to take up your bin cleaning offer which I received through a mail drop. I had prevoiusly used a bin cleaning service in Perth, but have been so impressed by your service in comparison. 4 months after commencing the service, my bin still looks and smells like it has never been used. I also appreciate the little extra touches, such as delivering the bin to the backdoor after cleaning. Thank You Kev!




We're so proud to announce that we were the Alcoa Peel business Excellence Awards Winner of 2017, 2018 and 2020!